Basic Surface Cleaning

Take Cleaning off Your To-Do List

Take Cleaning off Your To-Do List

Turn to the pros to tidy up your home

Balancing your work, family and social life is already a difficult task without adding cleaning to the mix. If you've been pushing cleaning to the back burner, it's time to call in Upscale Detail Residential Cleaning Services. Our team will dust, vacuum and surface clean your home from top to bottom.

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Don't waste your weekend cleaning your house

Depend on our team to clean every surface in your home. In addition to cleaning the floors and interior windows in your home, our team will also clean every surface in your:

  • Bathroom - toilets | countertops | showers | bathtubs | mirrors
  • Kitchen - sinks | countertops | cabinets | appliances
  • Living room - furniture | décor | televisions | ceiling fans

Schedule hassle-free cleaning services at your home today.